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Construction Company WIN

business construction dude parts get it pun tee hee - 6254270208
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Hacked IRL: My Apologies

doodle dude parts graffiti hacked irl p33n - 5916822272
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Hacked IRL: Ride to the Top

Bathroom Graffiti dude parts elevator graffiti hacked irl scribble - 6441519104
By Unknown

Get It? WIN

advertisement double entendre dude parts innuendo pun sale win - 6509099520
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Bathroom Signs WIN

bathroom clever design dude parts get it lady bits sign - 6280601344
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This Runner Took a Bet That She Couldn't Draw a Dingus With Her GPS-Tracked Running Gear. She Won.

dude parts football workout running sports uproxx - 7993880576
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You Let a Friend House Sit for a Few Days and Look What Happens

dude parts note g rated win - 8271600384
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A More Accurate Anatomical Diagram

anatomy school dude parts - 7056716288
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Running Sucks, Except When Your Route is Also a Peen

sports dude parts running win - 8278925312
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Labeling WIN

razor dude parts cute label shaving - 6789661440
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Cup Art WIN

art cartoons clever cup drawing dude parts Starbucks - 6563959296
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Do You Have the Guts to Get the Wi-Fi?

dude parts password wifi - 8242806528
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Too True WIN

brain bust clever dude parts men relationships statue - 5734321664
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You Could Say That Some People Are Disappointed in the English Cricket Team

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dude parts DIY condoms Video slingshot - 65014017

The Condom Slingshot is a Different Kind of Protection

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Hacked IRL: Everybody Get Inside!

dude parts hacked irl sculpture sperm trash can - 5976898816
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