Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

The Wampa is a Lot Less Threatening in Rug Form

drugs star wars nerdgasm - 8310450176
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The Money Will be Perfect for Your Bail!

drugs free stuff present - 8134390784
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drugs dentist boobs Video - 75086593

After a Trip to the Dentist, This Blonde Girl Reveals That She Just Wanted a 2-for1 Deal

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drugs parody Video - 77473793

Watch People Try Heroin for the First Time!

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Catering To Your Demographic WIN

420 awesome at work drugs marijuana pizza - 4582849024
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Name WIN

drugs names pets - 4892064256
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City Banners WIN

banners drugs - 4773593600
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3/10 for the Decor

drugs review high win - 8575826176
Created by Anaesthesia

Where is the Problem Here?

completely relevant news news drugs funny - 7867334912
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Side Effects WIN

clever drugs marijuana warning - 4316854784
Created by jasonpop
Girl's dad texts her picture of her weed stash and she blames it on her mom.

Girl's Dad Finds Her Weed Stash and She Handles It Like a Champ

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drugs trippy science Video - 67021057

Put on Your Headphones and Check Out This Trippy Visualization of a Mushroom Using an Oscilloscope

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Tacos WIN

drugs food tacos - 4564730112
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Stocking Up for 4/20 WIN

420 chips drugs food munchies - 6133865728
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Stoned Slacker WIN

drugs high internet marijuana network wifi - 4396990208
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