Yee-Haw WIN

gifs jump cars driving whee - 6761624832
By Unknown

Uphill WIN

gifs cars driving Gravity BAMF hill - 6767639808
By Unknown

Add Some Skis and There's No Winter Storm too Great for Your Truck

driving truck DIY winter skiing - 8047055616
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Airless Tire WIN

cars clever design driving invention science tire - 5752370176
By Unknown

4x4 Parking WIN

car driving Like a Boss parking snow - 5778422272
By Ad

Ad Campaign WIN

advertising dude parts clever cars driving - 6773836544
Via Reddit
close call driving idiots - 60673793

Close Call of the Day: Impressive Brakes on This Semi

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drifting cars driving bus Video - 44927233

Bus Drifting WIN

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driving highway Random Acts Of Kindness road Video - 27690497

Caring Motorcyclist WIN

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accident close call driving motorcycle nice Video - 39824641

Close Call WIN

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Pro Tip!

sign pro tip driving hacked funny - 7752265216
Via Neatorama

License Plate WIN

car cube driving license plate nerdgasm rubiks cube - 6508113920
BAMF cars driving Video stunt win - 57327617

This Car Does More on Two Wheels Than You Can on Four

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Battle cars drifting driving motorcycle Video - 32448257

Drift Battle WIN

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band dangerous driving motorcycle Music only in russia road russia Video - 26800129

Road Tour WIN

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Sun Visor WIN

driving Millenium Falcon nerdgasm star wars - 4588622848
By Unknown
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