Call 9-11 WIN

art clever design drawing fire paper - 5680939520
Created by Unknown

Matchbook Drawing WIN

drawing star wars nerdgasm g rated win - 6703268608
Via Laughing Squid

Everybody Loves Snowbutt!

drawing snow winter dickbutt - 8436617984
Via GB-171

Floor Drawing WIN

alien drawing floor illusion - 6104846592
Created by Unknown
drawing art talented barack obama Video win - 73677057

This Talented Foot Can Draw Barack Obama Better Than Most People Could With Their Hand

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"Additional Request" WIN

box delivery drawing fed ex nerdgams star wars yoda - 4987277568
Created by Unknown
art best of week drawing Hall of Fame realism sketch time lapse Video - 41175809

Realistic Sketching WIN

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Hacked IRL: Perfect Response

drawing graffiti hacked irl scribble - 5270925824
Created by Unknown

Drawing Illusion WIN

drawing perspective design illusion art - 6681704192
Via Colossal

Honesty WIN

art boat drawing honesty ship skill - 5407221504
Created by Unknown
cute baby pictures with doodles

How Do You Make Baby Pictures Even Cuter? Add Doodles!

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Science Teacher WIN

awesome at work class cute drawing school teacher tests - 4668179712
Created by tgame14

Line Drawing WIN

clever design drawing graph line nerdgasm - 5884147968
Created by Unknown

CLASSIC: Hacked IRDonkey WIN

animals classic donkey drawing hacked sketch - 5253312512
Created by muench

Portfolio WIN

drawing art sketch perspective illusion - 6764248832
Via Illusion
taylor swift drawing school Video - 71176449

49 Students Redrew Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Video

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