The Daily What: Free Donuts For Pirates WIN

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Empty Donut Box WIN

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Krispy Kreme Is Letting People in the UK Try out New Nutella Doughnuts for Charity

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I Think the Races of Men Are Going to Need a Lot of These

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Fried Dough Savior WIN

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pun about donuts being cruel and also cruller

10 Reasons Why Donuts Are Better Than People

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Heaven on Earth WIN

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That Sound You Just Heard Was Diabetes Happening

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Krispy Kreme is Offering These Doughnuts in Honor of the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters!

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"Tell Me, am I a Good Doughnut?"

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The Force Surrounds Dun Well Donuts

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The Only Way to Improve a Donut Receipt

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Double Donuts WIN

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What Kind of Abomination is This?

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Ramen Doughnuts - "Ramnuts" - Are Very Real And We Don't Know How to Feel About That

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Krispy Kreme Kicked Off Their UK Doughnut Delivery Program With a Special 200-Dozen Special

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