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Bud Light Brought Back the Original Party Animal, Spuds MacKenzie, So Here's a Bunch of Spuds' Commercials

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Best Friends Make The Best Babysitters

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So Much Entertainment In One Little Dot

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The Best Portraiture is LEGO Portraiture

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Reunion WIN

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Oddly Specific Roads

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Dramatic Dog WIN

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Nice Job Buddy, Now to the Vet!

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Man's Beerst Friend

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30 Happy & Wholesome Pics For When You're Feeling Down

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You Win This Round Dog

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Dog 'Stache WIN

chap dapper dogs hipster mustache pet pets - 5174794752
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10/10 Perfect Impression

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Pet Ad WIN

Ad animals clever dogs swearing - 4562250240
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After Three Days, This Dog Finally Gets Rescued Off of a Roof

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This Dog Avoiding a Rally Car Might Actually Be a Miracle

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