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Mother Nature FTW: Stealing Nerd-ishments WIN

doctor who feeder food mother nature ftw nerdgasm - 4874886144
By Unknown

Who Shoes WIN

nerdgasm shoes doctor who custom DIY best of week Hall of Fame - 6675886592
Via Lartovio

Vending Machine WIN

soda nerdgasm doctor who vending machine g rated win - 7102035968
Via Obvious Winner

If You Didn't Need to Use the Bathroom Before...

weeping angels nerdgasm doctor who toilet g rated win - 7138564864
Via Dangerous Minds

Must Have Cool: TARDIS Lights

doctor who tardis - 6599449600
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Nerdy Christmas WIN

christmas christmas tree nerdgasm doctor who - 6899690752
By Jananae

DIY Weeping Angel Barbie WIN

toy Barbie nerdgasm doctor who DIY - 6752317952
Via Dudecraft

Cat Tardis WIN

cat DIY doctor who Hall of Fame nerdgasm pets tardis - 5199551232
Via TDW Geek

Tools For the Job WIN

doctor who nerdgasm Star Trek tools - 6202607360
Via GeekFeed

Must Have Cool: Exterminate All Purses!

dalek doctor who purse - 6596906496
Via Gizmodiva

Mini Mini Fridge WIN

stuff tardis nerdgasm doctor who fridge Hall of Fame best of week - 6814064640
Via Geekologie

Corn Maze WIN

nerdgasm doctor who funny g rated win - 7670565632
Via Obvious Winner

Awareness Campaign Parody WIN

costume dalek doctor who halloween nerdgasm - 5359950080
Via Red Suspenders

Dalek the Halls WIN

doctor who holidays - 6827335936
By Unknown
doctor who proposal tardis - 65499649

Wedding Proposals Don't Get Much Geekier Than "Making Your Own TARDIS."

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Ood's Day Off WIN

chilling coffee doctor who nerdgasm Starbucks - 5064593664
By Unknown
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