christmas disney winter - 66942465

The Lights Glow Bright on This House Tonight With a 'Let It Go' Themed Musical Light Show

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"Frozen"-Style Paper Snowflakes

art disney design frozen - 7980428544
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Rafiki Graffiti

disney graffiti hacked irl the lion king - 8176264448
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Great, Now Everyone Will Want Their Marriage Proposals To Be This Well Timed

win perfectly timed disney ride engagement proposal is perfect
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disney scifi star wars cartoons mash up - 74759169

Whatever Happens With Star Wars VII, at Least It Won't be This

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Whiteboard Doodles WIN

disney doodle pulp fiction white board winnie the pooh - 7156483584
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Augmented reality disney coloring book - 74761217

Augmented Reality of the Day: Disney Researchers Have Found a Way to Bring Coloring Books to Life

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Disney Princesses Get Dangerous in Herr Nilsson's Street Art

disney disney princesses Fan Art graffiti - 7568900352
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Paper Art WIN

disney art nerdgasm paper - 6956337920
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Okay, YOU'RE Allowed to Take Mirror Selfies. Nobody Else Though.

disney hacked irl selfie - 8251354880
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disney art - 587013

Artist Creates 'Real Life' Disney Hunks

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cartoons costume creepy disney halloween lamp pixar Video - 27697409

Pixar Costume WIN

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disney villains laughing Video parrot - 81582849

This Parrot Laughs Like a Villain in a Disney Movie

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disney parody lion king Video - 73181441

You Need to Watch This Reimagined "The Lion King" Trailer As the Retribution of Cecil the Lion

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Resemblance WIN

disney DVD lookalike - 6517291520
By Unknown
disney a cappella medley Video - 78031873

If You Love Disney, You Need to Head This Love Song Medley

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