Wheel Chair WIN

darth vader disabled DIY Hall of Fame modification nerdgasm star wars wheel chair - 5889466112
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Disturbing the Peace

disabled hacked irl Occupy Wall Street political Protest tag - 5472921344
By Unknown
disabled medicine robot science Video - 37993217

Controlling a Robot With Your Mind WIN

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An Actual, Awesome Leg Lamp

A Christmas Story christmas disabled g rated win - 7970246144
Via Neatorama
BAMF disabled skating stunt Video - 36180993

Skating WIN

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Completely Relevant News: Climbing Kilimanjaro. With Your Hands.

BAMF climbing completely relevant news disabled g rated Hiking sports win - 6349154816
Via The Daily What

Priority Seating WIN

bus darth vader disabled hacked irl nerdgasm public transportation star wars sticker Subway - 5682675968
By ezio_ponitore_da_fillyenze
disabled heartwarming skiing Video winter - 77714945

The Snowy Weather isn't Stopping This Disabled Dog From Enjoying Winter

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Hacked IRL: Survival of the Fittest

disabled hacked irl public transportation whoops - 6476404992
Via Reddit
disabled Card Tricks Video magic - 68154369

The Ending of This Card Trick Really Jumps Out at You

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disabled feels Video random act of kindness - 60743937

Bring the Tissues, Then Watch This Disabled Baseball Fan Get the Chance of a Lifetime

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CLASSIC: License Plate WIN

disabled license plate South Park timmy - 6230594304
By Unknown

Your Snow Day is Nothing Compared to This

snow disabled winter BAMF g rated win - 8040874240
By Unknown

Learn From His Mistakes!

disabled funny sign - 7935239936
By Unknown

This is What Having a Sense of Humor Looks Like

Via DFine5

German Engineering at its Finest (and Nicest!)

blind disabled model random act of kindness g rated win - 8330818816
By anselmbe
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