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This Breakdancer Doesn't Care One Bit About His Disability, Kicks it Anyway

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It Ain't Easy

disability puns wheelchair truck license plate - 8286837760
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Parking Space WIN

clever disability douchebag parkers g rated parking win - 6203239936
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This is What it Means to be Charitable

charity disability random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week - 7938333952
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Face it, This Amazing Limbless Dancer Has Better Rhythm Than You

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Hacking for the Public Good

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Prepare Your Feelings: This is One Inspiring Tribute

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Disability Awareness WIN

Ad clever design disability stairs - 6013550336
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The Children Are Not Amused by Your Ruse!

disability prosthetic beach prank - 8286836992
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How a Piece of Guerrilla Art Changed Handicapped Accessible Signs

Street Art disability restoring faith in humanity week hacked irl - 7623109120
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Completely Relevant News: Scuba WIN

blind completely relevant news disability news scuba skill talent - 5276859392
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Heartwarming Footage of a Cochlear Implant Activated for the First Time

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Good Pun or Poor Taste?

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This Cool New App Pairs Up the Blind With Willing Volunteers to Guide Them Through New Areas

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Are You Sure? WIN

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