If You Want to Die Quickly, Here's a Pizza With French Fry Dough

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KFC's Next Food Monstrosity is an Edible Cookie and Chocolate Coffee Cup

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I Never Knew How Badly I Needed These in My Life

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Oreo Doughnut Holes, Because You Need the Diabetes and You Need it NOW

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That is Deep-Fried Dorito-Crusted Bacon. Feel Free to Salivate or Throw Up as Necessary

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We're Going to Need a Bigger Easter Bunny for Chocolate Eggs Like These

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That Sound You Just Heard Was Diabetes Happening

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Take a Look. That's a Fritter. Stuffed into a Custard Doughnut. Covered in Chocolate.

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The Bread is the Least Healthy Part of a Hot Dog, Right?

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Philadelphia's PYT Burger Joint Has Unleashed a Macaroni and Cheese Bacon Doughnut. Be Afraid.

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