Pokemon Cakes WIN

cupcake dessert food nerdgasm Pokémon video game - 5340368896
Via Geeks are Sexy

This Fruit and Veggie Cornucopia is Actually a Cake!

cake design dessert food - 7122278912
Via Neatorama

Now if Only We Had Cake Mitosis...

cake dessert science food g rated win - 7401886720
Via Nicole William

It's Like Fireworks For Your Mouth!

fireworks cute fourth of july dessert food funny - 7626205952
Via She Knows

Mass Effect Cake WIN

cake nerdgasm dessert video games - 7094104832
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Dr, Grant Approves of This Cake

cake dessert food funny - 7830454016
Created by Unknown

Dessert Extermination WIN

dalek nerdgasm doctor who dessert food - 6819154432
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Pallet Cakes WIN

art cute cake dessert food - 6709081344
Created by Unknown

Countdown Cookies WIN

new years baking cookies dessert clock - 6926081792
Via Neatorama

This Cake Has Its Own Treats Inside!

cake pinata dessert food - 7112129536
Via Laughing Squid
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