Horor Fans Are Going to Love This Cake Based on Carpenter's "The Thing"

cake creepy dessert food - 8105358592
Via Vicky Knoop

Now if Only We Had Cake Mitosis...

cake dessert science food g rated win - 7401886720
Via Nicole William

Cookie Bowl WIN

baking bowl cookies cooking design dessert food mold - 5259518720
Via Neatorama

The Venn Pie-agram

puns pie venn diagram dessert food funny g rated win - 7602024192
Via Reddit

Galaxy Chocolates WIN

chocolate dessert food g rated Hall of Fame om nom nom solar system space win - 5684825088
Via Laughing Squid

That Sound You Just Heard Was Diabetes Happening

donuts diabetes dessert food - 8363342080
Via Acid Cow


cake design dessert food g rated lego nerdgasm win - 6001372160
Via Cake Wrecks

Sonic Cake WIN

cake dessert food nerdgasm sonic the hedgehog - 5950142208
Via Geeks are Sexy

LotR Cupcakes WIN

baking dessert food Lord of the Rings nerdgasm - 6564192000
Via That's Nerdalicious!

Cookie Jar WIN

cookie jar Death Star dessert food Hall of Fame nerdgasm star wars - 5436715520
By Unknown

Hat Cakes WIN

cake cute dessert food - 6854816768
Via Neatorama

Tasty Cake WIN

cake dessert food g rated Hall of Fame peanut butter win - 5869133824
By Unknown

Hobbit Cake WIN

cake nerdgasm dessert hobbit - 6965606912
Via Neatorama

Jello Origami WIN

art dessert folding food Jello origami paper - 5710501888
Via My Jello Americans

Duck Hunt Cookies WIN

food dessert nintendo nerdgasm duck hunt cookies - 6685404928
Via Geeks are Sexy

Cake Battle WIN

angry birds cake dessert food nerdgasm NES nintendo video games - 5408555008
Via Reddit
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