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Using an Ikea-Hack, This Dad Created a Bed With a Secret Room for His Son

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Stupidly Satisfying of the Day: This Dad Has Created the Ultimate Laugh Factory for Himself Using Two Bins

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One Rad Dad Made a Millennium Falcon Bed for His Son!

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Mechdad is Ready to Deploy His Baby into Action

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'How to Dad' Teaches Toddler How to Ride a Bike

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This Christmas One Family is Going For a Real Elf on a Shelf (and it's a Perfect Mix of Genius and Creepy)

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dad makes a selfie stick

Dad Assembles Ghetto Selfie Stick to Take Pictures of Birds in a Tree

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funniest dad tweets of the week | Thumbnail Text - WTFDAD @daddydoubts I just sneezed and my kid shouted from his bedroom "bless you dad!" which is adorable. You know what else is adorable? GOING THE FUCK TO SLEEP 4:03 AM Nov 19, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 147 Retweets 17 Quote Tweets 1.7K Likes >

Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week (November 24, 2020)

The funny dads of Twitter
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Oregon's Little League Coach Showcases How to be a Great Coach and an Ever Better Dad

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One Way to Answer the Question "Where Do Babies Come From?"

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A Compilation of Dads and Their Kids Getting Extreme

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Look at This Homemade Hovercraft Built by an Awesome Dad

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How to Dad Presents: How to Deal With a Dad Hangover

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Mom and Dad Can Become a Playground this Nifty Harness

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Dad Builds Simon-Playing Robot With Seven-Year-Old Daughter

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Right On Target

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