Tentacle Doorstop WIN

creepy cthulhu design doorstop lovecraft tentacle - 6277718784
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The Lovecraft LEGO Set is, Sadly, Not a Reality

lovecraft lego nerdgasm cthulhu g rated win - 7482946560
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The Lovecraftian Wish

lovecraft Knitta Please needlepoint nerdgasm cthulhu - 7498240768
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Cthulhu Slippers WIN

cute slippers cthulhu g rated win - 6915810560
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Even Our Ancient Eldritch Lords Need to Stay Toasty

cthulhu lovecraft nerdgasm winter - 8397958144
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The Lamp of Madness Itself

lovecraft lamp design nerdgasm cthulhu g rated win - 8072308224
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Cthulhu Chair WIN

chair cthulhu design nerdgasm - 4750688768
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The Eternal Madness of Cthulhu Cthchristmas Cthcookies

christmas cute cthulhu cookies - 8408741376
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lovecraft watermelon carving cthulhu Video fruit g rated win - 70516481

Making a Watermelon of Cosmically Terrifying Proportions

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Geeky Lantern WIN

pumpkins halloween nerdagsm cthulhu carving - 6663009792
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The Elder LEGO Awakens

lovecraft lego nerdgasm cthulhu funny - 7734812672
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Ski Mask WIN

cthulhu g rated mask skiing win winter - 5835174144
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The Only Candidate WIN

2012 cthulhu election politics - 6185776384
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Some Henna Art From the Next Plane

cthulhu nerdgasm tattoos - 8177674496
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