They Took His Spot, so He Gave Them INFINITE SNOW

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Guy writes hilarious description for his '85 moped on Craigslist that is pure brilliant.

Dude Writes Legendary Craigslist Ad For His '85 Moped

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Guy Beautifully Trolls Craigslist Ingrate Looking to Buy an Xbox One

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It's Not a Colorful Bug, It's a Rainbow Feature!

craigslist for sale pretty colors rainbow printer g rated win - 8486897920
By punkcoder
craigslist texting funny win - 1081605

Guy Teaches Us All How to Outspam the next Spammer That Dares Cross Our Path

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Funny Craigslist post seeks out generic father figure for BBQ event.

Epic Craigslist Post Seeks Out Generic Father Figure For Backyard BBQ

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Everything Must Go!

craigslist snow for sale free stuff winter - 7964131328
By Unknown

A Craigslist Note to the Former Mystery-Owners of a Pit Bull

Picture of a pit bull sleeping soundly - taken from Craigslist note from the rescue owner to the previous owner who left her at the shelter.
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The Coolest Dad Finally Gives Up on His Kids' Trampoline Dreams

craigslist for sale trampoline g rated win - 8220636416
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This Year Why Not Try to Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad

Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad
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craigslist Travel TSA - 4192093952
By WeirdUpProductions

Guy Gets Old Macintosh from Craigslist and Discovers Strange 80s Porn Software

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It's Never too Late to Find the Perfect Gift

craigslist for sale free stuff lava g rated win - 8414095360
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A Clever, Ingenious, Witty, Sly Way of Selling a Thesaurus

clever craigslist for sale - 8340098304
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What's Up With This Dog?

craigslist llama pets lost and found trolling g rated win - 8433697024
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Craigslist screen shot of 62 year old man looking for a happy ending once a week.

62-Year-Old Geezer Posts Craigslist Ad Looking For Weekly Happy Endings Partner, and It's Comedic Gold

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