Tablet Cover WIN

80s cover design gadget g rated Movie win - 5625785856
Music cover celeb Video - 65066497

Here's the BBC's Ridiculously Star-Studded Cover of "God Only Knows"

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Movie Cover WIN

celeb clever cover DVD g rated lookalike Movie Seth Rogen TLL win - 5808028672
Via Vamplify
Music cover Video win ukulele - 257543

Watch This Ukulele Player Cover a Matisyahu Song Only to Be Surprised That Matisyahu is Actually Singing it With Him

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cover electronic loop Video - 25034241

Gorillaz Cover WIN

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classical music cover michael jackson pop pop music Video - 28555265

Michael Jackson Harp Cover WIN

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Music cover DIY Video - 67586817

DIY Instruments Remake the Pop Hits of 2014

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Confidence Is Key

Via acidcow
cover guitar medley metal Music nerdgasm Video video games - 36891137

Video Game Medley WIN

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Music prince cover drums Video - 79685377

Why Not Pay Tribute to Prince with a Drum Cover of Purple Rain in the Back of a Truck

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Music jimmy fallon cover Video - 68481281

Jimmy Fallon Gets All Kinds of Singers to Declare That They Are the Champions

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cover justin bieber Music Video - 77715457

Do You Think Justin Bieber's Momma Would Like This Vintage 1920s New Orleans Cover of 'Love Yourself'

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animals birds cover final fantasy Music pets Video - 22398209

Chocobo Cover WIN

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bluegrass metallica cover Video win - 73433345

Bluegrass Group Plays Epic Cover of 'Nothing Else Matters'

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awesome classic cover drummer musicians Video - 21937409

CLASSIC Awesome Drummer WIN

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metal Music lego cover Video win - 82615553

LEGO Goes METAL AF with This 'Everything Is AWESOME' Cover

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