Classic: Delivery Boy WIN

costume futurama halloween - 4343930624
By Unknown

Costume Extravaganza WIN

clever costume DIY halloween nerdgasm pop culture - 5375056384
By Lazor05

Mario and Yoshi Costume WIN

costume nerdgasm Super Mario bros yoshi - 4987356416
By Unknown

We're Just Going to Paint a Rad Little Bush Right Here

costume halloween bob ross funny - 7877872896
By Unknown

Portal Cosplay WIN

cosplay costume nerdgams Portal video games - 4941447680
By Unknown

Barber: What You Want? That Guy: D'OH!!! Barber: Say No More Fam

simpsons family cosplay irl
Via Zeskywalker

Costume WIN

adoption baby celeb clever costume halloween illusion - 5368856576
Via Reddit

Tall Man in a Short Costume WIN

clever costume design stilts tall - 6099684864
Via Laughing Squid

True Sticker WIN

batman costume nerdgasm sticker wtf - 4461291776
By iamnotthestig

Darth Knight WIN

batman cosplay costume custom darth vader DIY nerdgasm star wars - 5231085312
Via Neatorama

Ruth Baby Ginsburg

costume baby halloween parenting - 8365124352
Via @taffyakner

When in Rome...

costume segway g rated win - 8227140096
Via slartibar

The Best Halloween Costumes Leaked This Year

clouds costume halloween - 8368625408
Via Brown Cardigan

Why Am I Not Surprised...

Via A_M_I_R_

Must Be in Portland

costume kids star wars parenting stormtrooper stroller unicycle - 8262930944
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Children Should Be Barely Seen and Not Heard

costume halloween parenting win - 8571727616
By anselmbe
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