There's Waldo WIN

amusement park book costume Hall of Fame wheres waldo - 4889146368
By Mike W.

Voltron Costume WIN

costume robot nerdgasm voltron - 6796490496
Via Instructables

Clever Costume WIN

costume halloween zombie - 6697636608
By Unknown

Must Be in Portland

costume kids star wars parenting stormtrooper stroller unicycle - 8262930944
Via Daily Picks and Flicks
costume heartwarming parenting cancer Video - 66281217

Heartwarming Video of the Day: Dad Surprises Sick Son as Spider-Man

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Stuck WIN

costume halloween mask squirrel Hall of Fame best of week - 6709413376
By Unknown
costume dexterity illusion magic performance skill trick Video - 26821377

Quick Change WIN

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camera costume custom DIY halloween Photo Video - 28104193

Camera Costume WIN

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He's Coming in Fast!

costume star wars nerdgasm wheelchair funny - 7864086016
By Unknown

The Best Halloween Costumes Leaked This Year

clouds costume halloween - 8368625408
Via Brown Cardigan

Costume Party WIN

costume Lord of the Rings cute nerdgasm - 7056645632
Via Reddit

Post-it Man WIN

chilling costume office supplies post it wait what - 5553769472
By Unknown

The Best Way to Show Up to an Oscar Party? Dressing as the Entirety of an Oscar-Nominated Film.

costume Gravity oscars - 8092073984
By Unknown
costume Video t rex - 80763649

T-Rex Is a Better American Ninja Warrior Than You Might Expect

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Children Should Be Barely Seen and Not Heard

costume halloween parenting win - 8571727616
By anselmbe

Makeup Job WIN

art costume makeup Van Gogh - 6517819136
Via Skyxeno
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