Everyone's Favorite Clip-Based Menace Returns

clippy spelling correction - 7241750784
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Hacked IRL: A Nicer Graffiti WIN

correction graffiti hacked irl - 4984147968
Created by sylvatron

Take THAT, Profanity!

graffiti hacked irl correction - 8322591488
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Just Imagine the Number of Angry Nerd Letters...

star wars correction newspaper g rated win - 8378056704
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Bad Tattoo? There's a Solution for That

correction fixed tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 8314124800
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New York Times Correction WIN

correction memes IRL mistake my little pony newspaper - 5653956352
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Hacked IRL: Hulk-Approved

correction graffiti grammar hacked irl Street Art - 6356872960
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Comment WIN

correction elevator grammar sign spelling - 5391790592
Created by aeon6265


billboard correction - 3170949632
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The Only Grammatically Correct Lock

grammar lock spelling correction - 7341955072
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Turning That FAIL Upside-Down!

meta spelling correction - 7170636032
Created by strangelilvampyr