What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

12 years old terrarium cool video

Life Inside Of A 12-Year-Old Terrarium

Pretty stunning stuff.
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speed bag expert drummer cool music video

Drummer Plays Exactly In Time With Expert On Speed Bag

Oddly soothing.
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Mother Nature FTW: Transparent Wings WIN

butterfly cool insect mother nature ftw nature transparent wings - 5174838272
Via flickr

Engineering WIN

bridge cool design freeway river - 5850448384
By Unknown

Corner Furniture Design WIN

clever cool corner design furniture - 4917100800
By Unknown

This Animation Defies All Logic and It's Driving Us Crazy

win video cool animation defies logic
Via Mainframe (North)
BAMF cool cosplay iron man Video - 37489665

Cosplay WIN

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Wholesome Tamale Guy Story | Charlie Rohrlack Allow sing song Chicago last twenty years, should find yourself at bar drinking late stood chance being visited by Tamale Guy. This unassuming hero named Claudio Velez would enter carrying red cooler, weaving between tables, plying his steaming hot cornpipes with one-word question Tamales Our Tamale Guy suffered economic effects COVID-19. No bars, no crowds. This his families main source income, so he quickly pivoted, and began make home

The Wholesome Inspiring Story of Tamale Guy

Local legends are the greatest.
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Piano Fountain WIN

cool design fountain g rated piano win - 6325367296
By Unknown

Light Monster WIN

cool garage illusion light monster - 4944212224
By Pantsbreaker

DIY Lightsaber Can Destroy Stuff!

GIF of a home-made lightsaber that is being demonstrated to cut paper with it's powerful beam.
By Unknown
cool knife rocket science win - 84600065

Watch This Rocket Knife Absolutely Destroy This Toy Car — You Heard Correctly: Rocket Knife

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cool beer yoga - 1408005

Yes, Beer Yoga is Real. Yes, It Will Get You Up at 8 on a Saturday Morning

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bikes cool science - 85328385

This Real-Life Hoverbike Looks Awesome As Long As You Don't Cut Your Legs Off

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Old man gets carded and pulls out war ID from the second world war | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/Definitely_a_Lizard 5 days ago Some can't take joke, some own Short This is story few years ago, but just found this subreddit and reminded cashier at local supermarket, and have law if alcohol is being bought and cashier estimates someone be under 25, they have ask ID. While offends some people is pretty good way get check an ID and see if someone is over 18 legal age buy alcohol. No ID is also no

Old Man Gets Carded, Has Boss Response

He's definitely not two kids in a trench coat.
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cool Video g rated win - 56692993

Adrenaline of the Day: Grass Kart Racing

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