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Hacked IRL: Closed Next Week for Construction

bathroom Bathroom Graffiti construction graffiti hacked irl - 5369068544
By Unknown

Bridge-Building WIN

construction building bridge - 6926071552
By Unknown

Engraved Hard Hat WIN

art construction - 4892932608
By Unknown
construction time lapse Video - 71537153

Eleven Years of Construction on the One World Trade Center, in Just a Few Minutes!

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Making Shade WIN

awesome at work clever construction shade - 4688421888
By VitaLuna
construction dam nature river time lapse Video water - 28600065

Dam Removal WIN

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cars construction Video - 62822145

Just a Little Escalator Trick, No Biggie

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Planting a Tree WIN

animated construction gardening gifs park tree - 6189479168
By Unknown


construction driving signs warning work - 4695294464
By aredsmoke
hammer construction tools classic Video win - 77221121

Now This Guy Knows How to Swing a Hammer

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hammer construction DIY trick Video g rated win - 68657665

Some Handymen Have Perfected Hammer-Throwing Tricks

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Construction Company WIN

business construction dude parts get it pun tee hee - 6254270208
Via Reddit

Wrecking Bird WIN

angry birds construction hacked irl - 7387771392
Via Geekologie

Hacked IRL: Under Construction

animals construction graffiti hacked irl - 5147590144
By Tmester

The Owner of This Truck Refused to Move During Street Work, Now It's a Part of the Pavement

cars construction truck - 7952310016
Via Reddit

If Tetris Was IRL WIN

building construction IRL tetris video games - 4794430208
By sixonefive72
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