This Canadian Hot Spring Holds "Frozen Hair" Contests

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Some People Just Don't Care About the Freezing Temperatures

BAMF cold T.Shirt winter - 7991173888
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Mother Nature FTW: On Ice!

cold Flower frozen ice mother nature ftw - 5248452352
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Ice For Lashes WIN

cold ice winter - 6901553408
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Embracing the Cold WIN

bed snow cold winter - 6975857152
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Frozen Bike WIN

bike cold Damn Nature U Scary frozen motorcycle winter - 5419309824
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Company Name WIN

air conditioning awesome at work clever cold - 4627829248
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cold DIY fishing Video stove g rated win - 68945409

What to Do When You're Cold While Fishing? Attach a Stove to Your Back!

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Alaskan College Kids Get Crazy

alaska cold college swimsuit - 7017716736
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Stop Sign Icicle WIN

cold frozen ice sign stop sign winter - 5778898688
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Mother Nature FTW: Frozen Wave WIN

cold frozen ice national geographic photography snow wave - 5220132352
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Beating the Cold WIN

cold weather ice cream BAMF - 6892008192
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Frozen Web WIN

cold frozen g rated ice nature spider web win - 5783760128
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Relaxing WIN

beach beer chill cold relaxing snow - 5720231936
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It's Starting to Get a Little Cold in the U.S.

cars cold frozen funny - 7922308864
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Lake Superior Gets a Frozen Makeover in the Winter Freeze

cave cold snow mother nature ftw winter - 8030556928
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