arcade coin nerdgasm stop motion Video video games - 23907841

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New Zealand Wins the "Nerdiest Country" Award With This Coin

coin new zealand nerdgasm doctor who g rated win - 7004012288
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Coin Bust WIN

art bust coin design - 6459662080
Created by Unknown

Toothpick Carving WIN

carving coin gameboy toothpick - 5976922880
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Perspective Coin WIN

art coin currency money perspective photography - 5387422976
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Coin Stacking WIN

balance coin money stacking - 5779354624
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Canada Continues to Make Cooler Currency Than Almost Everyone

Canada coin glow in the dark nerdgasm dinosaurs currency g rated win - 7042009344
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balance coin patience skill Video - 29079297

Coin Balancing WIN

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Coin Bridge WIN

balance bridge coin design - 6497661696
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Coin Stack WIN

cash coin currency money sculpture stacking tower - 5204008960
Created by DoomsdayHorror

Carved Coins WIN

art carving coin currency - 5149047040
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Canadian Physics WIN

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WIN!: Glow in the Dark Coin WIN

Canada coin currency dinosaur Hall of Fame money - 6095297024
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Coinage WIN

coin UK coincidence weird - 6796647680
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