Batman Latte Art WIN

batman coffee latte art skills super heroes - 4815290880
Created by Unknown
coffee free stuff Video random act of kindness - 62112001

Pay What You Want, This Coffee Shop is Working on the Honesty Policy

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clever coffee genius funny - 7677884672
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KFC's Next Food Monstrosity is an Edible Cookie and Chocolate Coffee Cup

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Good Choice!

clever coffee hacked irl mug funny - 7460423680
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I Don't Think You Understand the Physical Mass-Based Pull of How Cool This Coffee Art is

movies Gravity coffee latte art - 8090883840
Created by Unknown

Coffee Ad WIN

Ad clever coffee cups - 4873967104
Created by Snake73

I Really Love This Coffee, but the Physics Are Just All Wrong

Gravity coffee latte art - 8303368448
Via baristart

Coffee Art WIN

coffee coffee art dragon foam latte latte art nerdgasm - 5424002304
Created by Unknown

Pull Away This Coffee at the Last Possible Second...

coffee charlie brown peanuts latte latte art - 8124561152
Via Mr_A

Coffeémon WIN

art awesome chalkboard coffee Pokémon - 4979267328
Created by Richie

The Perfect Cup WIN

breakfast coffee - 6149810688
Created by Unknown


ads coffee signs - 4644685568
Created by Unknown

Mug Design WIN

coffee cute design mug relationships - 5903718656
Created by Unknown

Their Coffee is So Hot

barista signs coffee win - 8546414080
Created by erikk77

Beverage Adivce WIN

alcohol art booze coffee wall - 4987318016
Created by Unknown
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