British Tank WIN

British classy drinking sir tea - 6287742720
By Unknown

Classy Study WIN

classy library fetish reading is sexy study - 5017526528
By Unknown

Drinking Tea Like a Classy Lady

Via Cubiclebot

Cave Bar WIN

bar design classy cave - 6824474112
Via Flavorwire

The Perfect Room for a Bond Villain

architecture design pool classy - 7889041920
By Unknown

The Perfect Chair to Pair With Your Goblet

chair design wine classy g rated win - 7318561536
Via Wine Barrel Products

Valentine's Needs WIN

awesome at work classy sexual Valentines day - 4459699456
By You_are_an_Oklahomo

Surgeon WIN

cat classy sir sign what - 5688812032
By Unknown

Beer Plate WIN

beer classy license plate - 4509598464
By Unknown

Watch Design WIN

classy clock design time watch - 6264878080
By Unknown

Looking Good WIN

mirror classy - 6844518656
Via Reddit

Daft Steampunk WIN

classy cosplay daft punk dapper design Hall of Fame Steampunk - 5798022400
Via LJinto

Trunk Furniture WIN

furniture trunk design classy - 6992049152
Via Neatorama

Brother Nature FTW: With a View WIN

bathroom Brother Nature FTW city classy toilet urban view - 5473119232
By Unknown

Laptop Mod WIN

classy computer laptop modification - 6370177536
Via Datamancer

Library WIN

books classy library library fetish photography reading reading is sexy - 5531636736
By Unknown
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