Mother Nature FTW: No Flash Photography Please!

attack classic eagle hawk mother nature ftw photography - 5065123328
By Unknown

Just Goes to Show That Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now

Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now
Via throatfrog
dancing job classic win milk Video - 75082241

This Dancing Cow Has Got Mooooves

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Vader Balloon WIN

balloon classic darth vader nerdgasm star wars - 5114280448
By catasaurus84

CLASSIC: Unicorn Cloud WIN

classic cloud unicorn - 5011795200
By Unknown
stealing classic seagull Video thief - 80298753

Not a Lot of Shoplifters Have the Confidence of This Seagull

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driving truck classic Video win there I fixed it - 75575809

When a Big Truck Flips Over, You might Want to Call These Guys

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CLASSIC: Short Staff WIN

classic notes retort tacos touché - 4682301696
By Unknown

CLASSIC: Testing on Animals WIN

awesome at work classic clever T.Shirt - 4829078016
By Unknown

CLASSIC: Escalator WIN

classic clever design escalator star wars - 6492354304
By Unknown


art classic fish fish tank goldfish phone booth - 6585723136
Via Laughing Squid
army classic Video win - 65638145

Troops, Move in for Tactical Port-a-Potty Action!

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Text Art WIN

art classic text Van Gogh - 5095706880
Via Neatorama

Classic: Euro Heaven/Hell WIN

classic clever europe T.Shirt - 4330910720
By sixonefive72


classic internet sign technology - 4172050176
By Unknown

It's Easiest to Just Give in to the Hypno-Sign

sign bars classic win - 8970315776
By tamaleknight
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