Just sit your keister down in that chair right there and harken: chairs sometimes don't leave you a leg to lean on. But if you get smacked by a  person in a wheelchair, you could call it a hit but can't run. So if you're into chairs and literally anything having to do with them. Just remember, you'll never be as good as Steven Hawking at musical chairs.

Bookshelf WIN

chair bookshelf bench design reading is sexy - 6709408512
By Unknown

Chair Design WIN

chair clever couple design furniture rocking chair - 5416236032
By Unknown

Bookworm Chair WIN

chair reading is sexy design books - 6924864256
Via Inthralld
chair beer couch Video - 48010241

This is the Coolest, Laziest Way to Get a Beer

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Illusion Chair WIN

art chair design illusion - 6045269248
By Unknown

Riding in Style WIN

chair Like a Boss pimp scooter swag - 5986152704
By Unknown

Not Sure if Chair...

chair hacked irl Futurama Fry - 7104297216
Via Know Your Meme

Sweet Chair WIN

chair chocolate cupcakes design stool - 6592448256
Via Flavorwire

Class Prank WIN

chair desk education nap prank school sleeping - 5493590528
By Unknown

Poolside Relaxation WIN

chair design pool relaxing - 6617124608
By Unknown

Glow in the Dark Furniture WIN

All the Colors of the Rainbow chair design glow in the dark neon pretty colors - 5645696512
Via Web Urbanist

The Chair That Wasn't There

chair design illusion - 8406376960
Via Laughing Squid

Cocoon Chair WIN

chair design furniture g rated Hall of Fame want win - 6018646784
Via Laughing Squid

Have a Seat, the Doctor Will See You Soon

Via WittsWhimsy

Beer Chair WIN

alcohol beer chair cool - 4740422912
By will wilks

Hacked IRL: Spider-Chair

building chair escape hacked irl wait what - 5055048704
By Unknown
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