chainsaw invention drones Video - 79218177

This Insanely Dangerous Drone is One Way to Welcome the Darwin Awards into 2016

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No Need to Go All Lumberjack, I Just Wanted a Soda

slow motion chainsaw gifs soda - 8176078080

Terrifyingly Cool Chainsaw Art

chainsaw art carving g rated win - 8357413888
Via Chris Foltz
chainsaw - 85844737

Watch the World's Biggest Chainsaw Cut Through This Huge Piece of Redwood

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chainsaw custom DIY lego model nerdgasm Video - 29169921

Lego Chainsaw WIN

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carving chainsaw guardians of the galaxy Video - 65053953

Groot Deserves This Amazing Chainsaw Sculpture

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Preparedness WIN

chainsaw change charity homeless sign zombie zombie apocalypse - 5292107264
By rippy-d
beer chainsaw manly pro tip Video - 37996801

Opening a Beer WIN

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chainsaw art design robot carving Video - 46914305

Robo-Carver WIN

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Chainsaw Carving WIN

bear carving chainsaw log redneck sculpture - 5126608128
By Unknown
clever chainsaw Video g rated win - 61759489

A Totally Different Way to Use a Tool We've Seen Thousands of Times

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chainsaw impression Video - 61418241

Meet the Human Chainsaw

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chainsaw impressions Video Stupid Human Tricks funny - 50361345

The Human Chainsaw Does Some Cutting

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Chainsaw Sculpting WIN

chainsaw design sculpture wood - 6568892928
Via Reddit

Carved Out of the Night Itself

chainsaw art carving batman - 8417177088
Via Thomas Earing

Bookend WIN

bookend chainsaw design reading is sexy - 6048805376
By Unknown
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