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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Made a 'Africa' Music Video While on Safari

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Cosby Jello WIN

bill cosby celeb food Jello - 4519054592
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Friendly Foe WIN

celeb wrestling - 6792577280
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Carrying the Torch WIN

celeb olympics patrick stewart torch - 6454067712
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Need a Robbery Disguise? Put on a Stocking Cap and Become Gilbert Gottfried

win girl put on stocking cap and looks just like gilbert gottfried
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Neil Patrick Harris funny Video celeb - 51172353

Neil Patrick Harris Opens the Tony Awards With the Craziest Stage Performance

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Marquee WIN

2012 celeb marquee movies - 4324628224
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Not Purple Enough, But We'll Let it Fly

Street Art Game of Thrones puns celeb - 8162507008
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Shaq Still Has Some of His Magic from the "Kazaam" Days

Shaq perspective funny illusion celeb - 7753944320
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Category WIN

celeb horror justin bieber movies - 4741880576
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Costume WIN

adoption baby celeb clever costume halloween illusion - 5368856576
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celeb disney impression talent Video voice acting - 32013057

Impressions WIN

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The NBA Has a Good Laugh Over Living Child-Man Kevin Hart

basketball celeb sports - 8068996352
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Celebrity Impersonation WIN

best of week celeb clever Hall of Fame impersonation - 6545496832
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Boondock Saints WIN

celeb guns twilight - 4321163520
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Name & Rank WIN

celeb name nerdgasm news Star Trek weather - 4418202112
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