Music celeb Video - 77856001

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Made a 'Africa' Music Video While on Safari

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Sick Burn WIN

burn celeb education geography g rated Hall of Fame ouch sick burn win - 5658320640
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T-ter Totter WIN

sign teeter totter celeb mr t hacked irl - 6938676480
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Name & Rank WIN

celeb name nerdgasm news Star Trek weather - 4418202112
By AnotherSchmoe (Via

Pun WIN!

celeb Movie pun sale - 6402405376
By Unknown
sex twitter list celeb ryan reynolds dating - 905989

Ryan Reynolds Has the Greatest Responses to All His Thirsty Fans Who Beg Him for Sex

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burn celeb conan obrien Video - 65503745

Conan Co-Host Andy Richter Delivers the Comeback of the Year to Chelsea Handler

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sports jimmy fallon football funny Video celeb g rated win americana - 54664705

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Give Us the History of the Touchdown Dance

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Taking Tickets at a Saint Paul Saints Baseball Game, Just Bill Murray Things

sports bill murray what celeb g rated win - 8303392256
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random act of kindness taylor swift celeb Video - 67645185

Taylor Swift Pulls a Solid and Sends Her Superfans Christmas Presents

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hilarious Doppelgänger Ryan Gosling celeb funny Video - 85591297

Ryan Gosling Doppelganger Hijacks Actual Celeb's Acceptance Speech, Cringeworthy Hilarity Ensues

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Manager WIN

awesome at work celeb name receipt - 4416500992
By Jusitn 'Cornbread' Baker
celeb Neil Patrick Harris Video - 21189377

Neil Patrick Harris WIN

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Movie Cover WIN

celeb clever cover DVD g rated lookalike Movie Seth Rogen TLL win - 5808028672
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Maagzine Juxtaposition WIN

celeb clever juxtaposition magazine sexy time - 4897270784
By Unknown
celeb Video - 63123713

A Word From Schizophrenic Robert DeNiro

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