how much money have we wasted saving matt damon in movies
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I think it's time to let Matt Damon die, y'all.

According to Quora user Kynan Eng's calculations, if all of Matt Damon's characters were real, we would have already spent nearly a trillion dollars trying to save him:

Courage Under Fire (Gulf War 1 helicopter rescue): $300k
Saving Private Ryan (WW2 Europe search party): $100k
Titan AE (Earth evacuation spaceship): $200B
Syriana (Middle East private security return flight): $50k
Green Zone (US Army transport from Middle East): $50k
Elysium (Space station security deployment and damages): $100m
Interstellar (Interstellar spaceship): $500B
The Martian (Mars mission): $200B
TOTAL: $900B plus change

What is it about Matt Damon's face that makes people want to keep him safe? Apparently his movies have only grossed $2.7B, so he's not even close to pulling his own fake weight.

matt damon leave him there
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I've always wondered this: Do other gorillas in the gorilla community consider Koko to be a bit of a sellout? I mean, she's assimilated with her humans and accepted their culture and habits. Do they make fun of her behind her back? This is what keeps me up at night.

No matter. Right here we have a meeting between sign-language gorilla prodigy Koko and Robin Williams, chosen especially for this meeting because Koko can more easily connect with people as hairy as she is. I kid, I kid...

But seriously, this is really adorable and kind of heartwarming. Give it a shot!

celeb military stephen colbert tank whee - 6203784960
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Oh I get it, so only the pretty and famous people get to ride around in their own tanks? Not fair!