Pumpkin WIN Faceoff!

art autumn carving fall halloween nerdgasm oregon trail pumpkins sculpture - 5312302336
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Blue Yourself Sometime

crayons carving arrested development - 8422952960
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pumpkins carving DIY Video - 65677825

Party Down With a Pumpkin Disco Ball!

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nasa pumpkins carving funny Video - 55930881

Everyone at NASA Carved Cooler Pumpkins Than You

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The Sweet Art of the Hobo Nickel

carving currency - 7975305728
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pumpkins halloween jack o lanterns tools carving Video - 83254785

Watching a Pumpkin Get Carved With a Waterjet Might Be The Most Peaceful 30 Seconds of Your Day

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carving halloween news pumpkins Video - 28070657

Pumpkin Geek WIN

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carving creepy eyes pumpkins sculpture Video - 28041473

Creepy Pumpkin Eyes WIN

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Tomoko Takeda Carves Old Books into Beautiful Pieces of Art

art design books carving - 8374841856
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Predator Pumpkin WIN

alien art carving halloween horror nerdgasm pumpkins - 5186793472
By maxystone

Terrifyingly Cool Chainsaw Art

chainsaw art carving g rated win - 8357413888
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Marble Manhattan WIN

art carving huge manhattan marble new york sculpture stone - 5203041792
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Reveal the Gourd Inside

pumpkins halloween carving funny g rated win - 7846344192
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They're Mathematical, but You Can Make Art With Them too

crayon sculptures with incredible details
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Summertime Calls for More Cool Watermelon Carvings!

watermelon carving fruit - 8211445760
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Carved WIN

art carving portrait Street Art wall - 5395603200
Via Creative Review
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