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This Car Can Jump Rope Better Than Anyone on the Playground

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We Found Another Decepticon!

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Right Off the Bat, This Contestant Won a $120,000 Aston Martin on The Price is Right

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Snape Kills Vader in One of Those Cars, Right

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David Hasselhoff Takes a "Knight Rider" Superfan for a Very Special Spin

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Instant Justice: This Guy Gets What's Coming When He Abuses Handicapped Parking

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I Don't Get it...

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The VW Golf That Refuses to Roll Over

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Ghost Ride the Trash

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The Cure For Tail Gaters

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It's in the Middle of the Street, Even!

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Seems Like You Might Have a Little Engine Troubles, Buddy

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This Traffic Jam is Straight Bantha Poodoo

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Affordable and Mr. T Approved

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Efficiently Parking WIN

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Where's a Belmont When You Need One?

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