Crochet Hat WIN

cap Knitta Please knitting nerdgasm r2-d2 star wars - 6596674304
Via Etsy

Brain Cap WIN

brain cap creepy knitting - 5382195968
Created by Unknown

Knit Caps WIN

Knitta Please fashion nerdgasm futurama cap hat g rated win - 6936635136
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Viking Cap WIN

beard cap fashion hat knit knitting viking - 5213433600
Created by naraiwe ( Via )

Nerdy Mortarboard WIN

cap companion cube graduation nerdgasm Portal video game - 4873406976
Created by chocopants

Knit Helmet WIN

beard cap helmet knit viking - 5587739904
Via Reddit
swimming cap Video - 49126401

This is the Best Way to Put on Your Swimsuit

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Bender Cap WIN

bender best of week cap futurama Hall of Fame knitting nerdgasm - 6538246400
Created by Unknown