animation candy Music music video stop motion Video - 28529153

Stop Motion Music Video WIN

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Gummy Snake WIN

candy record food snake Hall of Fame best of week - 6750167040
Via Obvious Winner
candy lego DIY Video - 71465729

Make Your Own Awesome LEGO Gummy Candy!

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candy design sculpture Video - 70960385

Take a Look into the Beautiful World of Japanese Candy Scultping

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candy FAIL Video robbery - 83805953

Watch This Service Station Employee Supercharged on Adrenaline Defend Himself During Robbery With Candy

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Donation Motivation WIN

candy kids lost mean notes - 4391424512
By Unknown
art candy China design g rated Video win - 34340865

Candy Art WIN

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candy easter slow motion Video - 69977345

Slow-Mo Candy Destruction, Just in Time for Easter!

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Fittingly This is a Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka Portrait Made Entirely of Candy

win artist made portrait of Willy Wonka with candy as tribute to Gene Wilder
Via Jason Mecier
candy jimmy fallon Video win - 80823041

Jimmy Fallon Help Dwayne Johnson Break His 27-Year Candy-Less Streak

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Jelly Bean Art WIN

art candy food mona lisa portrait - 6192718848
Via Neatorama

Cotton Candy Fries: Because You Didn't Want to Live a Full Life Anyway

Via foodiggity

Nostalgia in a Box WIN

candy food nostalgia - 6390721792
Via Must Have Cute
candy recipe giant DIY food Video - 83127041

Put On Your Sweatpants Now, Here's How To Make (and Eat) a 4-Pound Twix Bar

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candy halloween trolling Video - 75495425

Reverse Trick or Treating Brings the Candy to You

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No Candy WIN

awesome at work candy notes theft - 4627824128
By Candy Thief
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