Vader Made of Vader WIN

darth vader star wars nerdgasm toys bust sculpture - 6703269376
Via Laughing Squid

Doppelgangers WIN

bust discovery g rated Hall of Fame model mythbusters nerdgasm science sculpture win - 5764827136
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Coin Bust WIN

art bust coin design - 6459662080
By Unknown

Hyper-Realism WIN

art bust realism realistic sculpture whoa - 5199728640
By Unknown

Too True WIN

brain bust clever dude parts men relationships statue - 5734321664
By Unknown

Doodle Art WIN

art bust crazy detail doodle greek - 5419609344
Via Colossal

Matchstick Bust WIN

art bust matches sculpture statue - 5626421760
Via Neatorama

Chicken Wire Bust WIN

art bob marley bust celeb jimi hendrix john lennon sculpture - 5464545280
Via Neatorama

Grumpy Bust WIN

art sculpture Memes Grumpy Cat bust - 6926067968
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