Hacked IRL: He Really Exists!

batman graffiti hacked irl Street Art superheroes - 5649706496
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Hacked IRL: He Always Has Plenty of Cash

ATM awesome at work batman hacked nerdgasm signs - 4729147136
Created by Unknown

Beware the Snow-Bat

comics superheroes batman winter snowman - 7130659584
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kids parenting batman Video - 71241985

A Child With Leukemia Got to Be Batman for a Day and Now He Has a Documentary

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batman Video roller coaster g rated win - 64078593

This is the Design for the New Batman-Themed Roller Coaster at a Texas Six Flags. Because Roller Coasters Needed More JUSTICE.

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Super-Socks WIN

batman comic book nerdgasm socks super hero superheroes superman wonder woman - 5327860480
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Routine Traffic Check WIN

batman cops driving police super heroes traffic - 6014695168
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Taking a Break WIN

batman nerdgasm retirement super heroes superman vacation - 6619270144
Created by Unknown

Even the Bat Needs to do Some Sightseeing

batman funny shadow - 7899461888
Created by Unknown

Hand Art WIN

art body paint nerdgasm batman painting funny - 7712746752
Via Illusion
donald trump batman Video - 73611777

What If Donald Trump Really Was Batman?

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Chalk Art WIN

Street Art nerdgasm chalk art batman - 7148919296
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Hit the Links With This Batmobile Golf Cart

batman golf DIY - 7936937216
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batman class math nerdgasm school tests - 4326337280
Created by darkfire613

Hacked IRL: Vote for Vengeance

batman election graffiti hacked irl super hero tag voting - 5378902016
Created by Unknown

Batmobile Collection WIN

batman batmobile collection nerdgasm super heroes - 6254827264
Created by Unknown
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