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This Baseball Moment Will Make You Proud to be an American

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Parting Gift WIN

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This Batter Takes One for the Team and Immediately Throws it Back to the Pitcher

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Old Baseball Cards Make for Instant Comedy

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105-Year-Old Agnes McKee Threw the First Pitch for the San Diego Padres (and it Was Still Better Than 50 Cent's Attempt)

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Adorable Little Tee-Ball Player Stops Running to Give His Coach a Sweet Message

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A-Rod is the Perfect Nickname for a Baseball Player That Dries His Bat Like This

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Witness This Fan's Amazing One-Handed Bat Catch - With a Beer in Hand

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That Stadium Popcorn Was Expensive, but When it Leads to a Baseball Moment Like This it's All Worth it

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This is the Reaction of a Real Baseball Fan

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A High School Baseball Coach Let His Team Name His New Baby

baby names the sandlot baseball A High School Baseball Coach Let His Team Name His New Baby
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When Your Kid Isn't Very Athletic So You Think Watching a Game Together Couldn't Hurt, But...

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Pitching WIN

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Batkid Threw Out the Ceremonial First Pitch at the San Francisco Giants Home Opener

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At America's Favorite Pastime This Guy Gives America's Favorite Reaction

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