Genius Teenager Sneaks Into VIP Section at Concert By Editing Band's Wikipedia Page

Apparently Wikipedia's still relevant and serves a much higher purpose than taking up space in a works cited page starved for more sources cause Sparks Notes and Cliff Notes only took you so far. Yes. A trickster-destined purpose like getting a devious little fanboy into a concert by allowing him to go into the band's info and change it so that he's the newest member of the family. Job well done, bro. Hope the V-Neck outfitted, Fedora-capped, Axe body spray-suffocated VIP pit of pick-up line peddling goonery is worth it. But hey, lest we forget he's guaranteed to bump into some hot chicks that showed up with every intention to Insta-Snapchat the shit out of each other, cause the lighting is on fleek. 

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