One of a Few Jobs Where You're Not Excited to Poop on the Clock

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The Best Selfies Are Astronaut Selfies

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Hitchiking WIN

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This is How an Astronaut Takes a Selfie

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Space Baseball WIN

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Before You Next Choke Down Some Astronaut Ice Cream, Watch This Video

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This is What It Takes to Get Ready to Walk in Space

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Sports Fans WIN

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An Astronaut Just Tweeted a Photo of Hurricane Patricia That is Out of This World

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This Is What Astronaut Scott Kelly Did While Orbiting the Earth for an Entire Year

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How to Get a Message to Your Dad When He's in Space

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Self Portrait WIN

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Selfies Are Way Better in Zero-G

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Everyone Loves Pretending to Be an Astronaut, Even Other Astronauts

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This High Schooler Has a Way Cooler Career Path Than You

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