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Break Dancing at the Marine Corps Ball

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This Army Specialist Had the BEST Response After Being Denied Leave to a Baby Shower

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These Swedish Marines Perform "Greased Lightning" in the Only Way They Know How

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Ammo Boombox WIN

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Next Mission WIN

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Troops, Move in for Tactical Port-a-Potty Action!

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The Russian Army Lives in Plastic (It's Fantastic)

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Private Hooves, Reporting for Duty!

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If You Mixed Forest Gump and Damn Daniel, You'd Get These Guys

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Everybody Loves a Bounce House!

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When Mom Comes Home From Active Duty, She's Going to Disobey One Particular Order

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Pillow Fight Army WIN

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The New York Knicks Surprised an Army Sergeant With His Very Own Service Dog

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That Should Go Over Well in the Marine Corps

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Well-Balanced Diet WIN

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Penguin WIN

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