Shipping Crate Office WIN

architecture design Office - 6238293504
Via Inthralld

Lego Mansion WIN

architecture art creepy decay Hall of Fame house lego sculpture - 5259824384
Via Flavorwire

Halloweentown is Coming to Life in Hamamatsu, Japan

architecture design halloween - 8328445184
Via Kotaku

Airport Design WIN

airport architecture art design paper airplane Travel - 5509100288
Created by Unknown

This is How You Paint Your Library's Entrance

reading is sexy architecture design books library - 7707533568
Via Look Me Luck

This Camera Cafe Can't Take Pictures, But It'll Serve You the Perfect Cup of Coffee

architecture design camera - 8133999872
Via Web Urbanist

Melon Bus Stop WIN

architecture bus stop design melon - 6018653952
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Sliding House WIN

animated architecture design gifs home - 6218104832
Via Inthralld

Floating Castle WIN

architecture castle design floating house what - 5883275520
Via Jay Mug

Staircase WIN

architecture clever design light bulb staircase - 5672141824
Created by Unknown
architecture design rubiks cube nerdgasm Video - 56734721

This Building's facade is Basically the Largest Rubik's Cube Ever

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Big Ben WIN

architecture DIY europe farm London - 5769841664
Via Not-Me-Mate

LEGO HQ's Minifig-Sized Entry

Via nuclear_pistachio

Architectural Concept WIN

architecture building design weird - 5916827648
Via Web Urbanist

Say Hello to the Cointe Observatory, AKA: "Planet Express"

architecture design futurama - 8234548480
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Under Pressure WIN

architecture art design stress - 5710520064
Via Hey I'm Jack
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