Library Design WIN

architecture design library mexico - 6120423680
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Monopoly Home WIN

architecture art board game home monopoly - 6549772800
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Vertigo WIN

architecture building design dont-look-down stairs tower vertigo - 5077578240
By Unknown

Super-Massive Tree House WIN

architecture design neat tree tree house - 5879485440
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This Inflatable Concert Hall is Making its Rounds in Japan

architecture design inflatable balloon - 7833602560
Via Laughing Squid

The Street Art Cathedral

Street Art architecture graffiti church pretty colors - 6978509312
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Melon Bus Stop WIN

architecture bus stop design melon - 6018653952
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Marvel in the Detail of Thailand's White Temple

Brother Nature FTW architecture design - 8309205248
Via Wat Rong Khun
architecture design winter snow sculpture pretty colors Video - 68772865

Once a Year a New England Town Turns into an Incredible Ice Fortress

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You'd Never Believe That This Was a German Bike Shop

architecture design funny - 7844804864
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Paper Architecture WIN

architecture art design paper - 6013538560
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Hotel Pool WIN

architecture design Forest hotel pool swim water - 5244868096
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Hungarian McDonald's WIN

architecture design fast food McDonald's restaurant - 5954002944
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Paper Architecture WIN

architecture art craft paper sculpture - 5117903360
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In South Korea You Don't Have to Go on a Cruise to Relax in a Huge Boat

cruise ship architecture design funny - 7830133504
Via The World Geography

Reach for the Clouds

tower photography architecture - 8126210560
Via Acid Cow
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