dj Music animation parenting argument cartoons Video - 69680897

In 1985 He Secretly Recorded an Argument With His Parents, Now it's a Great Animation

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motivational psa animation bullying Video win - 47801601

Prepare Your Feels: This Anti-Bullying Short May Release the Floodgates

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This Animation Defies All Logic and It's Driving Us Crazy

win video cool animation defies logic
Via Mainframe (North)
stop motion animation life hacks Video - 67937537

The NES Power Glove: Terrible Controller, Awesome for Stop-Motion Animation

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christmas lego animation cute santa claus Video - 76577025

What if Edward Snowden Was One of Santa's Elves and Had Leaked His Naughty List?

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animation doodle Video - 62435841

This Animation is a Doodler's Dream

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animation Video reading - 64091905

Classic: The Stop-Motion Tale of a Book Shelf Making Itself

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christmas wtf animation parody santa - 334343

Watch Adorable Christmas Elves Revolt and Then Watch Santa Get Revenge in These Weird Christmas Animations

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Square animation Video - 60792833

Animation Lessons Taught With a Cube

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Video of the jelly launcher inspired from Wallace and Gromit.

Guy Recreates Wallace and Gromit Jelly Launcher And It's Amazing

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stop motion post its animation Video - 49122049

This Post-it Animation Will Blow You Away

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animation clever short stop motion Video - 35217153

Slice and Dice WIN

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christmas animation christmas card Video g rated win - 67104769

An Animation Studio Produced the Best Christmas Card of the Season

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gifs animation flipbook - 8385575936
Via GallowBoob

Which Direction is This Train Going?

gif animation mind blown illusion funny g rated win - 7460359168
Created by Unknown
art hbo animation Theme Song Video win - 77281025

Someone Animated an Intro to HBO's The Wire and It's Perfect

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