Appropriate Driver WIN

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costume halloween cute cartoons animals web comics - 1030661

These Adorable Cartoons of Animals Dressed up for Halloween Will Make You Smile

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IRL Nintendog

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list of animals wearing wizard hats - thumbnail of a cat wearing a wizard hat and a frog wearing a wizard hat

Animals And Their Bewitching Wizardry Ways

Animals donning wizard hats
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mother nature ftw birds drones Video animals win - 73462785

Watch As An Eagle Takes Down a Drone And Reclaims The Skies For Itself

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Waiting WIN

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Sassy Embroidery WIN

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Hacked IRL: They're Getting Smarter

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As Old as Time WIN

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Hacked IRL: No Headless Creatures

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Metal AF Snake Kills Another Snake Eating Its Tail By Electrocuting Them Both

win metal AF snake kills snake trying to eat it by electrocuting them both
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All the Best Halloween Costumes From This Weekend Right Here

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How Do You Save a Boat-Jumping Dolphin? Start By Giving It the Wet Shirt Off Your Back

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Gif of the Day: Cats Must Really Have Nine Lives Because This Kitty Escaped From a Burning, Collapsing Hotel

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Top Dog WIN

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Peace Out, Dudes!

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