Wait a Minute... WIN

advertising business clever food free stuff sign - 5256520960
Created by Unknown

Creative Advertising

advertising clever design - 7559078656
Via Web Urbanist

Ad Placement WIN

advertising beer clever condoms juxtaposition - 4632632576
Created by Unknown

Patience WIN

advertising clever psa sign - 5177829888
Via Neatorama

Clarification WIN

advertising dancer job pun sexy times stripper - 5940355328
Created by Unknown

Clever Advertising WIN

advertising amusement park clever escalator ride temporarily stairs whee - 5277748480
Created by Unknown

KitKat Advertising WIN

advertising bench candy - 5101798144
Created by YessMasster ( Via )

Gym Advertising WIN

advertising building gym huge - 5028212736
Created by Unknown

Business Enthusiam WIN

advertising alcohol awesome at work drinking sarcasm - 4583137024
Created by Unknown

Hotel Advertising WIN

advertising batman g rated Hall of Fame hotel sign super heroes win - 5533185024
Created by Ryan

Set Your Watches WIN

advertising bar chalk drinking happy hour sign - 5219853056
Created by Unknown

Advertising WIN

advertisement advertising birds eye view Brother Nature FTW bus city clever urban - 5103766528
Created by catasaurus84

Billboard WIN

advertising billboard design illusion sign - 6576886528
Created by Unknown

Submarines in Milano: Making the Unreal on City Streets

advertising submarine prank funny g rated win - 7835094272
Via Colossal

Cat Senator WIN

advertising cat pets politics sign wait what - 5339852288
Created by Matthew O'Leary
advertising prank Video g rated win - 46944001

Explosions, Car Chases, Everything an Ad Campaign Needs

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