9-Year-Old Successfully Set up a Lemonade Stand to Pay for His Adoption Fees

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Amy Poehler's New Web Series Gives a Voice to Adoptable Dogs Looking for a Home

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Young Frankenstein WIN

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Sacramento Woman Makes It Pawsible for Shelter Animals to Get Adopted Before the Holidays

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Toddler Reacts to Getting Adopted and It's Got the Internet in Tears Right Now

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Olympic Freeskier Gus Kenworthy Seeks to Adopt Sochi Stray Dogs

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Sweet Woman in India Rescues a Stray Dog, Names Her Eevee, and Creates a Pokemon GO Style Website to Get Her Adopted

woman in india rescues dog names her eevee creates pokemon go website to get her adopted
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This Adele Parody With Kittens Will Make You Want to Adopt a New Furry Friend

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A Craigslist Note to the Former Mystery-Owners of a Pit Bull

Picture of a pit bull sleeping soundly - taken from Craigslist note from the rescue owner to the previous owner who left her at the shelter.
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Prepare For Tears WIN

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Costume WIN

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New Family WIN

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Rescue Dogs Get Dressed up Like People for Their Adoption Photoshoot

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