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Language  Warning: Late in the video, some clips from Sandler's work get a little saucy with the language. 

Comedian Shawn Kohne calls it "The Sandlerverse".

via @TheUniBaller

He maps out, in detail how every Sandler movie is related. He even goes so far as to take into account other movies from SNL alumni and his comedy albums as well. 

As interesting as this conspiracy theory of the growing Sandlerverse is, it's doubtful this revelation will save us from more movies by Adam Sandler. It almost makes them seem worth it though... almost. 

image adam sandler doppleganger Adam Sandler Found His Look-alike From a Picture on the Internet and Invited Him to a Movie Premier
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Adam Sandler's new movie just got some serendiptious free advertising. Apparently the main character's name is Max Kessler, but Max is real so he posted this image on Reddit:

via therealmaxkessler

So then actual Adam Sandler responded in the thread and Max responded back. 

via AdamRSandlertherealmaxkessler

And then Sandler invited Max to the premiere of 'The Do-Over'. 

via AdamRSandler

Of course he went, met his celebrity doppleganger and the rest is history.