abraham lincoln

Good old Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest Presidents, and influential figures in United States History. So have a good chuckle with Abe and make sure you don't wait four score and seven years to check out all these puns and jokes.

Hacked IRL: This Joke Was Funnier the First Time

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Hacked IRL: The Battle of the Century

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Tower of Lincoln Books WIN

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These Wi-Fi Networks Are Primed for Disaster

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Good Observation WIN

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Currency Art WIN

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I Don't Have All The Answers But...

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Not a 3D Model, Not a Drawing: This is Kazuhiro Tsuji's Actual Bust of Abraham Lincoln

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Hacked IRL: Wise Old Abe

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Emotional Lincoln WIN

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Yelp Review WIN

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Oreo Art WIN

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Lookalike WIN

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John Wilkes Booth WIN

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Four Score and a Couple WINs Ago

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