news puns TV food Video space win - 73522945

This News Anchors Proves That Uranus Jokes Will Always Get a Giggle

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seth meyers movies jennifer lawrence TV celeb chris pratt Video - 76816129

Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Just Having to Shoot a Sex Scene with Chris Pratt

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sexual innuendo TV sexy times Video - 499716

She's into Eating Raw, If You Know What I Mean

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Completely Relevant News: Television Hack WIN

celeb completely relevant news hack modification news television TV - 5196583424
james corden one direction TV karaoke Video - 76817153

James Corden Picked up the Boys of One Direction For Some Carpool Karaoke

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door Music TV invention seinfeld Theme Song Video win - 76154113

Make Your Life a Show About Nothing, With This Simple 'Seinfeld' Door Sensor

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This Very Real TV Listing Turns Very Real Trump Inauguration Into Scariest Twilight Zone Episode Ever

tv listing turns trump inauguration into twilight zone episode
Via @alanferrier

This Bendable TV Will Stick To Walls Like a Magnet

science technology TV This Bendable TV Will Stick To Walls Like a Magnet
Via Business Insider
FAIL TV Video politics - 80272897

John Oliver Breaks Down How Broken American Primaries and Caucuses Are

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win school TV Video the price is right - 215559

Before This Guy Wins Big on The Price is Right, He Gives a Shout Out to the Most Honest Demographic of the Show

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TV Video win - 81811969

Jian Yang from Silicon Valley Gets a Supercut Trailer, and Shows Us All Why He's the Best Damn Character on TV Right Now

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action movie BAMF car chase police TV Video wait what - 25099777

Police Stop WIN

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Technology is Amazing!

Via Acid Cow
job TV weatherman Video fart - 216327

Hungarian Weatherman Adds Brilliantly Fake Fart Noises to His Forecast and It's Totally Worth Watching the Weather For

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TV sexy times Video win - 198407

Antonio Brown Cleverly Inserts a Boner Joke on Dancing With the Stars

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dancing Music star wars TV Video - 80444929

These Dancing Stormtroopers Pull Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, and Dirty Dancing Out For the Grand Final

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