Turtle Power WIN

TMNT cars nerdgasm hacked irl funny g rated win - 7635132928
By Unknown
TMNT realistic awesome crafts - 70540545

Michael Bay Needs To Take a Lesson From These Realistic Ninja Turtles

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The Greatest Belt Buckle in Dimension X

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Mutant Turtle WIN

mutant nature TMNT turtle - 5073377280
By Unknown

Hidden Entrance WIN

sewer TMNT nerdgasm hacked irl manhole - 7117470208
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Shredder WIN

office supplies pun TMNT - 5992104448
By Jeff E

This Kid Wins Picture Day

TMNT kids parenting - 8794302208
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Hacked IRL: No Reboot Please

90s hacked irl photoshopped sewer TMNT - 6066778624
By Unknown

Turtle Power is My Anti-Drug

TMNT pizza psa hacked irl - 8431993088
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Nature FTW

mother nature ftw nature nerdgasm TMNT totally looks like tree - 5383504896
By Unknown


clothing crochet fashion hat nerdgasm TMNT - 5645958656
By Unknown

Shredding WIN

costume nerdgasm snowboarding sports TMNT - 5764384256
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TMNT Costumes WIN

90s cartoons costume halloween nerdgasm TMNT - 5360123904
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TDW Geek: What To Expect When You're Expecting of the Day

pregnancy TMNT - 6580820992
By Unknown

This Might be the Best Halloween Costume of the Season

costume Krang TMNT halloween - 8364452352
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Memorial WIN

grave manhole memorial sewer TMNT - 5339776000
By Unknown
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