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These 10 Comics Show That Florida Man is One Of The Weirdest Superheroes Out There

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One Man's Recycling is Another's Pop-Art

super heroes art cars recycling - 7014764032
Via Reddit

Hotel Advertising WIN

advertising batman g rated Hall of Fame hotel sign super heroes win - 5533185024
By Ryan

Villain Defeated WIN

avengers captain america cute Hall of Fame loki nerdgasm super heroes - 6276189952
By Unknown

Don't Forget Your Divine Weapon!

keys super heroes Thor nerdgasm - 6953219584
By Unknown

Going for a Stroll WIN

baby iron man nerdgasm parenting stroller super heroes - 6298388480
By Unknown

Spider-Dive WIN

BAMF funny super heroes skydiving - 7908549632
By Unknown

Getting Tips WIN

batman competition iron man restaurant super heroes tips - 5658323200
Via Laura Lane

Deadpie WIN

comic book deadpool nerdgasm super heroes - 6537903616
Via That's Nerdalicious!

Hand Turkey WIN

comic books cyclops nerdgasm super heroes thanksgiving Turkey x men - 5473367808
By Unknown

You Don't Become Doctor Doom by Eating Your Wheaties!

super heroes science shirt g rated win - 8228557056
Via PaperkutRob

Postage Request WIN

comic books deadpool mail nerdgasm postage super heroes work - 6599828480
Via Reddit

Dark Knight Chalk Art WIN

batman best of week chalk art comic books Dark Knight Rises g rated Hall of Fame illusion Street Art super heroes win - 6437714688
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ATM batman comic books hacked super heroes - 6415166208
By Unknown

Unfair Olympic Advantage WIN

brazil hulk nerdgasm olympics super heroes - 6461961216
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"Be Right Back Alfred, Just Taking the Whip Around Town"

super heroes cars batman - 7415602688
Via Reddit
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